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Serving Suggestions

Serving Suggestions

Bored of the same old drinks?! Yup, we were too!

The great thing about Crafty River Hard Seltzers is how they can be enjoyed in so many different ways. We enjoy drinking them fresh and chilled, in a glass with ice and a slice! However that is only the beginning, you can experiment with all sorts of combinations giving you a limitless array of delectable refreshments waiting for you to explore.

We love hearing about all the ways you’ve been enjoying your Crafty Rivers!
Here’s who we’ve been hearing from recently!

“I love supporting small businesses, especially at the moment. When I saw Crafty River Brewing on Insta, I instantly fell for their fabulous packaging and wanted to try their new beverages. A hard seltzer is low calorie, alcoholic fizzy water and Crafty River Brewing have added delicious fruity flavours to theirs! I ordered one of each flavour (lemon, lime, orange) and have loved trying them! I am not usually a fan of fizzy water but these are so refreshing and make great mixers! It is such fun creating my own cocktails from them!
With the lemon hard seltzer, I added 1 measure of gin, 2 measures of tonic water, a squeeze of lemon and some fresh mint leaves. Perfect for a sunny weekend!”