Crafty River Brewing

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

At Crafty River, we pride ourselves in making our Hard Seltzers with only natural ingredients and processes. There are no artificial flavours in any of our Hard Seltzers and we only use REAL fruit!

Just simple, honest ingredients.

[per 275ml bottle]

(* Typical Values; As we use real fruit values can alter slightly depending on batch)
(** Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.)

The Technical Bit

Unlike traditional brewing, our Seltzers are made using only Cane and Corn sugar. This way we can ensure it is vegan friendly! We take this sugar and mix it with plain water, then ferment it like a beer with added yeast. This is how we get our alcohol. We ensure that we only use vegan friendly clarification methods to make our drink sparkly clear with all the colour only coming from our added REAL fruit. This is done in the bottles, letting it ferment a second time creating all the fizz! This way we can ensure almost all of the sugar is converted into alcohol, leaving very little behind. This is how we create or refreshing, natural tasting Hard Seltzers 🙂