Crafty River Brewing

Crafty River Brewing – Drinks

Crafty River Brewing – Drinks

At Crafty River Brewing we believe the best things in life are better simple. Our Hard Seltzer drinks are unashamedly so!

All are made using only a handful of ingredients: Water, Sugar and REAL fruit! We pride ourselves in our natural processes too, using a champagne yeast to create delicious delicate fizzy bubbles naturally. We choose to leave our Hard Seltzers unfiltered to retain that goodness, leaving you with an almost ‘guilt free’ alcoholic drink!

Current Lineup:

A delicious combination of real limes and cucumber
make for a cool and zingy Hard Seltzer that is refreshingly moreish. Perfect
served with both salads and grilled meats. Great with Gin and White rum too!

A classic combo of real Oranges and Pineapple make this tropical Hard Seltzer taste like sunshine in a bottle. Makes for a great dessert accompaniment especially a cheesecake! Enjoy with all kinds of Rum if you so wish 😉

A lovely ripe lemon zesty aroma upfront with a subtle hint of ginger give this drink a surprisingly complex taste. Pairs well with Asian inspired dishes or even better you could freeze it to make a delicious sorbet! Good combo’s with both Gin and Vodka drinks.